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Hey job seekers!

Why didn’t you get that job you applied for directly?

Rejection can be a hard pill to swallow for most. Especially when it comes to job hunting. You apply for a job with a company because you feel you are the perfect fit, the job spec matches your CV but you receive no feedback, no direct number to call to follow up and your emails asking for a response are ignored. Or even worse, you go through a long interview process for your dream job to be turned down with no reason given and spend the rest of your life wondering what you did wrong.

This is a common frustration that job seekers experience often, that is where we, as an expert recruitment agency come in! Recruitment agencies form relationships with the client, the person who is doing the hiring or who has been given the job to hire for the company. We get to talk to the client so we can understand the culture of their business, the personality type that would best suit the position and the environment and therefore we are able to present you to our client in the best possible way. Clients are allowed to be picky – after all they are running a business and therefore, they are looking for the best-suited people to do the job.. You’re also allowed to be picky, if you enjoy socialising and variety in your workload, you may not want a job where you sit alone in a small room and do repetitive work. You’ll want to leave after a week. Recruiters will be able to tell you that you don’t want this job, and they’ll be able to refer you to a better suited role. This will in time save you from having to job hunt often because no client wants to hire someone that ‘job-hops’ frequently.

When we receive a job spec from clients, we know what requirements are absolutely non-negotiable and we can make sure you’ve included and highlighted this particular information on your CV if it does not stand out enough to catch the clients’ attention.

First impressions are VITAL! So often we get CV’s with poor grammar or spelling. Often the layout is hard to understand. We will reposition your CV in the best light for the client and we’ll help you to prepare for the interview so that you can present yourself confidently. We will tell you the ins and outs of the business, your line manager, team and other background information that you won’t find online. A recruiter’s job is to make placements, which means offering you the best possible support so that you are offered the job. A recruiter and an applicant are on the same team and have the same goals.

The commission paid to recruiters is not taken off your salary offered by the client – the client pays us for our services. Going through a recruiter will not reduce your salary.

Most job seekers aren’t comfortable having salary conversations with potential employers. Experienced recruiters are negotiation gurus. They often know what the client’s recruitment and remuneration strategy is and they know where to position your requested salary. They are able to give you informed advice on whether you are looking for too much or too little and they can back up the advice with facts from experience. Your job search can be a cruel and lonely journey without someone walking it with you. A good recruiter will be there to encourage and guide you along the way.