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Watershed seeks to offer their clients the best service possible when it comes to assisting them grow and cultivate talent for their team. Our consultants strive to exceed client’s expectations by ensuring that they have the most in-depth knowledge of the company and industry possible in order to match quality candidate with current needs and goals of the clients.

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What we need
from you

An opportunity to discuss your business and recruitment strategies, company culture, and recruitment processes.

Quality recruitment briefs.

Quick responses to CVs and feedback on interviews.

Feedback on our performance so that we can continuously improve your Watershed experience.

Our Full-Time Jobs
Are Filling Yours

For over 20 years, our clients have come to expect quality recruitment services, and it shows.

What you can expect from us

Professional CVs of suitable candidates who have been interviewed and fit the minimum requirements of the position.

Candidates who fit your company culture and have the personality traits and correct attitude to ensure success in the position.

Client-specific recruitment processes

Proactive recruitment and referral of candidates who will assist your company to meet current and future strategic objectives.

Constant updates of progress and obstacles

Candidates that are attending interviews will be briefed regarding your company and position.

Required checks.

Honest candidate evaluations

Timeous response to requests.

Trust us to get the perfect fit

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